On this page i'll show some videos made by fans of Project Cars, on this case the great BMW Z4 GT
Ingame Screenshot!!!
"BMW also offers the BMW Z4 in motorsport, with a FIA GT3-specification car available to private teams. While the production version of the BMW Z4 has a six-cylinder engine, the GT3 car is powered by a 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine derived from the BMW M3 GTS, which produces approx. 515 PS (379 kW; 508 bhp). The weight of the BMW Z4 GT3 is approx. 1,190 kilograms (2,624 lb). In its first year of racing, the car proved competitive in the FIA GT3 European Championship as well as not only emerging victorious from the Dubai 24 Hour endurance event, but also heading to second place from a low 49th position at the 24 Hour Spa Francorchamps event by the Racing Team of Need For Speed."
Attention: this game is being developed, and the videos are come from players who are testing it before being put on sale.

  • Project CARS - *NEW* BMW Z4 GT3 2012 (Review + Test Laps) by ADRIAN

  • Project CARS Build 407 - BMW Z4 GT3 at Eifelwald (Nordschleife) Heavy Fog by MotogamesTV

  • Project CARS Gameplay BMW Z4 GT3 Wisconsin Raceway (Build 346) HD by Kirpill

  • PROJECT CARS - BMW Z4 GT3 - Enfelwald - On Board Gameplay by gusk8

  • Project Cars | BMW Z4 GT3 Presentation by Xandos2912


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