[FAQ] Project CARS - PC vs Console

Will there be differences between the PC and console versions?There will be no differences between PC and console versions w.r.t. core tech (physics realism, FFB, gameplay). The console versions will probably use less sophisticated graphics because of the less powerful hardware, and they will be locked at 30 FPS like most console games. Furthermore, there will probably be differences in specific physics models like the tyre model, but this does not mean that consoles will have reduced realism in the game.

This means that the game will every bit be a race simulation on the consoles and on the PC. For the more casual racers (which applies just as much to PC players, by the way ), plenty of options will be available to make driving the cars easier (including optional gamepad filtering).

Will there be development builds for consoles?
Normal consoles per design won't allow the user to run builds which have not been cryptographically signed by Sony or Microsoft on the respective platform. Getting a build signed is not a no cost process, and unless you own a Developer Kit console (which is not inexpensive either), you cannot run unsigned development builds. This is one area where the PC platform is more flexible, which is why it is feasible to distribute development builds directly to the PC audience. Hence, due to the nature of the consoles and the business model behind them, it is simply not economically feasible to regularly release and distribute development builds for the consoles. Therefore consoles will only get the game when it is finished, with solid patch support after release.

Will Project CARS be developed for future-generation consoles?
It depends. If they're available in time and we have the funds then it most likely will happen.

How will the testing of Project CARS be organized on consoles?
It depends. If we hook up with a publisher the bulk of QA would be done by them. If not it would be SMS internal only. The only way beta testers could be involved would be if they visited the office to use kits there. 

Can console owners still contribute to the development of Project CARS?
Of course they can! Since the PC version will be representative of the console version, testing the game on PC and giving feedback will affect the console version just as well. Furthermore, posting ideas, comments and feedback on the forums about the game in general and about console-specific things in particular will help with developing the console version(s) as well.

Will the same CARS account (including bought content) work on a console and PC? 
What we have now isn't really a CARS account but a WMD one. For the final game there may or may not be a similar account, but even if there is it's highly unlikely it would be shared across platforms (again not something Sony and Microsoft are keen to cooperate with each other on).

Will there be cross-platform racing?
Unlikely but still to be determined for sure.

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