Lotus 78

On this page i'll show some videos made by fans of Project Cars, on this case the Lotus 78.
Ingame Screenshot!!!
"The Lotus 78 'wing car' was a Formula One racing car used in the 1977 and 1978 seasons. It was designed by Peter Wright, Colin Chapman, Martin Ogilvie and Tony Rudd, and was the car that started the ground effect revolution in Formula One.
The 78 was loosely based on the Lotus 72, sharing the same basic wedge shape and internal layout, but featuring detailed aerodynamic improvements, better weight distribution and a longer wheelbase. It had a slimmer, stronger monocoque made from aluminium sheet and honeycomb,[3] which was developed from the 77. The bodywork was made up of fibreglass body panels with aluminium used to strengthen the chassis at points. The car created quite a stir when it first appeared, and outwardly seemed ahead of its time. Internally of course, it was a quantum leap ahead. Andretti worked hard with the car, testing for many thousands of miles at the Lotus test track in Hethel.
In all, the Lotus 78 took seven wins, nine pole positions and scored 106 points in its career."

Attention: this game is being developed, and the videos are come from players who are testing it before being put on sale.

  • Project C.A.R.S. - F1 Lotus 78 Cosworth @ Barcelona by Tottus5
  • Project CARS : Lotus 78 Cosworth Zolder Hotlap - Helmet Cam & Replay by TommiTAG
  • Project CARS Multiplayer Lotus 78 Cosworth - Watkins Glen Connecticut Hill by bestPCgamereplays
  • Bathurst com Lotus 78 em Project CARS by Mauro Trevisa
  • Project Cars | MP | Build 370 | Lotus 78 Cosworth | Milan GP  by 132Gaming

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