Project CARS [Build 402] Racer L4-RS @ Derby - MEC Race1


one more video from Project Cars, this time with a Racer L4-RS around Derby Track made by SteakhouseB

Cars / Classes:
1. Asano LM11 TDX
2. Racer L4-RS
3. BMW Z4 GT3

Race 1 - Heavy Fog.

0:10 - Start. Leading L4s on grid: mu5h, Espen, Holmagaard, me.
0:56 - Spun LM11 on Coppice.
2:27 - Looking for a move into Esses again.
2:54 - Locking up bad on Melbourne, slight contact.
3:38 - Looking for a move from Old Hairpin.
3:57 - Espen making a move on mu5h going into Coppice. Mu5h loses momentum and we close up to him. Leaving braking pretty close on Esses.
4:26 - Worst move of the race, total divebomb into Melbourne. I let Holmgaard past after that.
5:05 - Holmgaard mysteriously veers of the track.
7:36 - Catched up to mu5h.
7:50 - Looking for a pass in T1.
8:44 - Overtaking on Esses.
9:10 - Mu5h didn't give up so easily, looking for pass into Goddards.
9:24 - Overtaken in T1. Backmarker GT3 appears in front.
9:41 - Mu5h has technical problems and veers off in Craner Curves.
10:36 - Lapping BrutalCykx (GT3) on Melbourne.
11:02 - Lapped by Naruko (LM11).
14:19 - Lapped by two LM11s, letting them go on Old Hairpin.
15:10 - Double downshift on Melbourne, putting the car on neutral.
19:50 - Lapped by LM11.
25:58 - Lapping Robert (L4-RS).
29:56 - Lapping BrutalCykx and ZiggyUK (GT3) after Esses.
31:45 - Lapping Nuno (GT3).
32:19 - Lapping Steve (L4-RS) on Old Hairpin as he goes wide on exit.
21:10 - Lapping BrutalCykx (GT3). Contact in Goddards, I was expecting him to give me the corner.
34:59 - P2 in class. Espen wins by about 15 seconds.

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