Project Cars - Multiplayer Race with Audi R18


one more video made from an online multiplayer race during the developement of this game.
It was used a Audi R18 around Bandering.
Not necessary to say any bugs present on this video are normal because this game is in developement at this very moment!

00:32 - Survived start mayhem.
01:01 - Divebombed and I saw it too late. Contact and slide into curb and spin.
02:06 - Losing it under power on T4.
03:52 - Zsolt slows down on T6 Hairpin.
04:09 - Pass into T8.
04:30 - Elmo spin on Sachs, pretty close but avoided contact.
04:50 - Balasco loses the car on T1 exit, bit of a hair raiser.
05:01 - Commander spins on T2, hit my left side a bit on rejoin, no change to handling though. Zsolt gets a run.
05:22 - Easily past on Hairpin, I don't really defend..
08:10 - RacingTopsy had some problems and I get run into Hairpin.
08:26 - Bad line / exit, he gets run into T8 on the outside.
08:35 - Half spin on T8 inside curb, I wanted to get the car turned to not plow into RacingTopsy. Spin wasn't expected though. ;)
09:47 - Getting front grip back suddenly on Hairpin, end in half spin and stupid throttle use. Sirus gets past.
11.38 - Lapping Robert on T10.
15:59 - Sirus spins on exit of T10.
16:43 - Zsolt spins on T3, contact?
18:46 - Spinning it on T8.
19:46 - Half-spin on T2.
20:14 - Zsolt looking for inside pass on T8. I believe he's not close enough before turn in for real pass. Slight contact he spin and I get on outside curb.
24:31 - Lapping commander
24.58 - Though Holmgaard is letting me lap on Sachs, he drives it close so I don't risk a pass.
25:08 - He spins it on T15, contact and I get pushed into grass. Zsolt gets past. At this point I assumed commander got past himself, but he actually spins before T15 and is still behind me.
27:33 - I think the car behind is the leader lapping me.
27:55 - Messing up turn in on Mobil 1. Commander gets past.
28:46 - Going into Hairpin with two lapped cars. Was last lap for me and decent gaps to other positions, should've let them go at it.
28:55 - Holmgaard spins. Weirdly he gets going like the moment he disappears from my view and I lost many car lengths going wide to avoid contact. Also slowing down commander and ruining his battle. Raffel now very close to me, position bit under threat.
29:53 - Finish in 6th.

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