WSPSC: Weekly Small Prototypes Semi-Endurance Championship [Racer L4-RS]


this video is from one of the private championships that are going on in Project Cars:
 WSPSC: Weekly Small Prototypes Semi-Endurance Championship

Video by krivjur
00:08 - Nuno spins on pace lap, not sure what happened there.
01:22 - Thomas slow at start.
01:43 - Drafting Dominic.
01:52 - Pass on Les Combes.
02:50 - Benjamin slow out of Stavelot.
02:55 - DannyCrane and Michael Brunck collide. Nuno gets collected.
03:02 - Michael B. and Roman touch.
04:05 - Thomas gets draft. I take defensive line on Kemmel straight.
05:35 - Trying to pass Roman on Blanchimont.
05:47 - Collision on chicane, not sure what happened, seemed there was enough room and Roman was backing off.
06:10 - Getting better exit out of La Source, bit off track but within rules.
06:19 - Side by side into Eau Rouge. I felt I had the momentum with the exit, otherwise would've have backed out.
06:24 - In my opinion I leave enough room (not going to off track on purpose). Slight contact, but I avoid enough for no spin.
06.28 - Thomas looking for pass behind. Pretty risky move but pulls it off with some contact.
06:45 - Taking it safe into Les Combes. Roman overshoot braking, maybe intentionally as cutting the chicane is within rules.
08:00 - Drafting Roman on Blanchimont, going for inside then BAM. Not sure what that was. Nuno gets past.
09:13 - Michael B. rockets past on Kemmel, but he cuts corner a lot and I'll make a move on Les Combes. He probably didn't see me as he slams me to left.
09:26 - Roman passes in Rivage.
09:44 - Looking for pass on Pouhon.
10:11 - Roman gets slowed down by Michael B. on Stavelot.
11:40 - Braking into Les Combes on inside.
12:30 - Roman gets slowed down by Michael B. again. I'll make another move on Stavelot.
14:04 - Side by side into Les Combes.
14:35 - Making a move on Pouhon.
14:49 - Decent run for Fagnes but bit too safe on brakes.
15.04 - Better exit from Stavelot.
15:19 - Contact on Blanchimont, maybe slightly more on the left than needed.
15:32 - 2 wide into chicane.
15:49 - Run into La Source.
16:26 - Braking on Les Combes again, Roman overshoots braking but keeps position.
17:41 - Drafting past on Blanchimont.
17:55 - Roman makes move on chicane.
18:03 - Exit from chicane, DC time.

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