Formula Gulf 1000

On this page i'll show some videos made by fans of Project Cars, on this case the Formula Gulf 1000

FG1000 is a low-cost single seater driver development series. It was designed to provide kart racers and young racing drivers in the age range 15-25 with the coaching and experience they need to progress to higher levels of international motor racing.
The RFR F1000 has a lightweight (400 Kgs) space-frame chassis powered by a four-cylinder 1000cc Suzuki GSX-R engine (K8) that puts out 150bhp at 12,600 rpm (limited by us from 190bhp) through the Suzuki six-speed sequential gearbox. It runs on F3 slick racing tyres and uses an AIM data logger.
In terms of outright lap performance, downforce and grip, it sits between F.BMW and F.Renault 2.0.
The car boasts a proud heritage being the latest design from ex-Lotus Chief Designer David Baldwin, the man responsible for some of the most famous F2 and F3 cars such as the Lotus 59, the Lotus 69 as well as the Van Diemen RF81 Formula Ford in which Ayrton Senna became British Champion in 1981.

 Project Cars (Build 448) Formula Gulf 1000 at Infeneon GP

Project Cars - Formula Gulf @SPA [Multiplayer]

Project CARS : Formula Gulf 1000 (WIP) - Dubai Autodrome Race

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