Fresh news from Ian Bell regarding FSA investigation

Hello WMD and pCARS members.

Following lengthy discussions with the FSA and our lawyers and other professionals, we are going to make some changes to pCARS and WMD.

The finer detail has not been finalised but recent comments have made us decide to make one feature of WMD and pCARS very clear to all members. 

That is that anyone who is a member can have their money back at any time.

As many of you know that has always been our policy - though we haven't promoted the fact, for obvious reasons. However whoever has asked for it has got it and we figured that you should all know you have that option. 

If you want to you may choose to remove yourself from pCARS now or you may choose to stay - and if you want to stay then please give us a little time to put the finishing touches to the structure.

The choice, however, is yours.

If you would like to leave WMD and the pCARS development system now please inform Vittorio Rapa by PM who will arrange your refund.

Thanks for your support and thanks to our advisers for their advice over the last few months.’


Refund guidelines:

Before asking for a refund, make sure your Paypal address (email) is updated, to do so click on the link at the upper left "My Profile", then on the "About Me" tab and make sure the "Paypal email" field is correct (if not, edit it by clicking the little pencil icon).


  1. Hi, does that mean you will be taking on new members?

  2. Hi,

    yes, the project will accept new members only for the new Playstation and Xbox.
    Dont know when yet.