Prototype Design Contest

This are just 2 exemples of many more prototypes designs that we (players that are testing Project Cars) have to vote to choose. I personnaly choosed the X107 design andRyno917 design. Let's see who's the winners in a couple of weeks.
1. Only the Top 2 designs will make it into the game.
2. This is a multiple choice poll, you can vote for 2 designs maximum.

Results of SMS internal voting
1. Ryno917
2. Patrik Marek
3. Panzer91
4. Jussi Karjalainen
5. FLX81/Espen S Anderson
6. Khailani M LMP2
7. MJS1986
8. Big Ron
9. Khailani M LMP1
10. Sven Gritzbach"

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