Palmer Jaguar JP-LM

Another car present at the game Project Cars is the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM, lets see some videos
"Our stunning Palmer Jaguar JP-LM brings the sensation of Le Mans to the fingertips of all our PalmerSport guests. It's as focussed as any machine can be and provides the most sublime driving experience - with an instructor right alongside to help you extract all its mindblowing performance.
We've squeezed every last bit of power from its Jaguar Cosworth 3 litre quad cam V6
engine for staggering straightline speed, and with downforce pushing those big tyres into the asphalt and drag-reducing bodywork to help slice through the air effortlessly, the JP-LM does the aerodynamic business too.
With all this phenomenal speed, braking ability and grip at your disposal, it's the next best thing to jumping into a LMP prototype and heading off around the famous Sarthe circuit at Le Mans"

 Project CARS [b598] - Palmer Jaguar JP-LM - Nordschleife (Old Nürburgring) [Eifelwald] 

 PCARS | Palmer Jaguar JP-LM

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