Project Cars Build 607 "Track Days"

Nice sound on this video with great shots!!! Project Cars near near..."The newest trailer for the game features Zack Hemsey's “Mind Heist” from the trailer of the Christopher Nolan video Inception, and it puts simultaneously a collage of astonishing moments featuring high-end engine vehicles and race-ready super vehicles.

The video overhead is oh-so-magnificent insofar that it's all fan-made; it's all user-captured footage. No bullshots, no Photoshopping, no press-approved media trying, no one of it. Every lone picture, photo, screenshot and trailer of Project CARS is Doritocracy-free and completely backed and accepted by the gamers who put down cash to support somewhat angry Studios right out of their own pockets. This is a game made by gamers, from the cash of gamers, for gamers. "

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