Project CARS career

Project CARS provides a number of different ways for you to play: Career, Solo, Online, and Community. These make up the four pillars that are represented in our logo and are a testament to our wish for players to have freedom and variety when playing.

With the ability to play solo and create your own Quick Race Weekends, jump into competitive multiplayer against friends or others from around the world, and interact with the community through Community features, your Project CARS career allows you to follow in the footsteps of your racing heroes and forge your own path as a driver with a structured format inspired by real life...

Your Project CARS career starts by creating a driver and choosing your preferred motorsport.

Unlike other games that may force you to start in low tiers with slow vehicles, players in Project CARS are free to choose from any of the available championships or series on offer.
If you want to jump straight into powerful Formula-style cars then you can! Similarly, if European GT is your thing, then go ahead!

Once you've chosen your career starting point, you'll be presented with a contract to sign with your first team and then you'll be ready for the start of the season ahead!

Progression through your career is done via the Race Calendar. Based on your performance you may attract the attention of scouts that represent teams either in your current motorsport or other disciplines.

Impress them by earning Accolades and they'll approach you with offers to drive for the team they represent or participate in unique events or series. Additionally, major milestones throughout your career may be signified by signing Endorsements with companies that are proud to be associated with your success.

So keep an eye on your Inbox as new opportunities may be just around the corner!
Throughout motorsport history there have been many unforgettable and legendary drivers.

Inspired by these stories, players in Project CARS are invited to try and recreate those journeys via three Historic Goals...

All Historic Goals are optional and players are free to tackle them in any order they wish.

For those that would like an additional challenge though, Hall Of Fame status awaits for those that demonstrate true greatness and dedication. ;-)

Your career in Project CARS has been designed to replicate all the flow, the opportunities and the ambience that a modern-day driver gets to be a part of, whilst also paying respect to the long heritage of past motorsports and legends in all their forms.

It's also been designed to be flexible and offer variety - you decide who to drive for, you decide your path, and you decide what your ultimate goal is. So get ready, your journey is about to begin.

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