Project CARS - Comic-Con 2014 Live Show

Joining us on the GameSpot Live stage is Brian Hong, Director of Marketing for Project CARS to show off some early footage.
When is Project CARS coming out? November 2014 on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 2015 on Wii U and Steam OS. What game is Project CARS like? Project CARS is a racing simulation so is comparable with popular console franchises Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo whilst also providing the kind of advanced features usually reserved for PC-only simulators like iRacing and rFactor. Can we upgrade the cars? Since the game covers such a variety of motorsports, each with their own performance restrictions, all vehicles are non-upgradable and come pre-installed with the best parts possible. Can you tune the cars? Yes! Project CARS has a deep tuning system with full control over all aspects of the car's performance. Troubleshoot common problems by checking with the in-game Engineer, get useful hints on technical details via the Digital Manual, and visit the dedicated Test Track to see how your changes perform out on the tarmac. How many tracks in the game? Project CARS has the largest track roster of any recent racing game.

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