Project CARS - Build 844 - Audi R8 LMS Ultra @ Spa - 12 Laps - 37 AI - Starting in 26th

I set the date and time of start according the bulletin posted on the Spa 24hr website. Only thing accelerated was the time :)

24hrs of Spa tribute to Rene Rast. I only finished 9th, however, I set the time sequence to 40x so that every lap is considered nearly 2hours of time, after 12 laps aprox. 24hrs have passed. Fun race, the night section as fun as some corners you just needed to feel out the apex. Overall 10/10!

I changed visual settings:

SMAA: Medium
Bloom OFF
High Reflections
Car: Ultra
Shadow: High
Track and Env Map: Ultra
No motion Blur - Helmet cam has its own Depth of Field settings

Wheel: G25
FFB: 100
TF: 35


Intel Core i5 3570K OC @ 4.6Ghz
MSI GeForce 660Ti OC 3GB
G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB 1666Mhz DDR3
Samsung 840 PRO 250GB SSD
AsRock z77 Extreme4
Corsair H100i
Rosewill 450w GOLD PSU

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