Are you curious on how is a game build? Check this log from last build

B882 (JR+) 19/12/14
Build 882 (19/12/14) - 913.8 MB
* Changed trigger logic for physics to notify all changes and process updates in physics HitTrigger systems
* AI wet tyre updates: Weathered line uses normalised wetness. SimulateLap resets weather line after processing. Removed tyre wear modifier from abilities, tyre wear aligned with player. Updated information in debug screens for tyre grip and selection. Grip updates for AI processed every tick. Align wet grip calculations to match player
* New Radical SR8 and SR3 tire carcass
* Tires: Group A tire wear calibrated and other small tweaks for heating, wet weather and general driving feel
* Suspension inertias and unsprung weights tweaked to better values
* Vehicle damage - initial pass to tweak the ease that suspension damage happens and wheels come off, to make it more realistic (wheels fell off far too easily)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for telemetry crash
* Setting presets correctly for all game modes
* You can now restart a Free Practice session, fix for Pit Strategy screen when you haven't entere a name yet
* Support for new character feature RAIN_SUPPORT = added finding and setting of openTopped shader parameter according to car type
* Set default laps to valid value and remove assert if more than 8 unique vehicles
* Host get's booted from a passworded lobby. Stop countdown jump message spamming when countdown isn't active
* Formation lap now has the green light countdown
* Limit number of laps to 250 in all modes
* Defaulting career session length slider to minimum (for a new profile)
* Missing graphic for lobby screen
* BNGE logo added
* PSN is now consistently using "PSN"
* Fix for missing Italian symbol
* Added unsportsmanlike conduct DQ reason to the text db
* Credits content - missing whitespaces corrected
* Overlap on Community Events and Load Career screens fixed
* Clipping on team name on Session Results screen fixed, overlap for long car name on Session Results & Pause fixed
* Fixed unlocalised 'Simulating' string
Next Gen:
* Xbox One: Fixed occasional crash when joining an online session. Session members now choose an internal session slot index at join time based on what's available and then post it in their session member properties. Protocol version increase
* Overlapping text fixed on Driver Network screen, online terminology changed on PS4
* Fixed event board id 1 being reserved for time trial testing. It now works correctly as a Community Event leaderboard
* Pause logic changes allowing tutorial speech to play even when the game is paused, so that appropriate tutorial speech plays (all audio still paused for a loss of focus pause). Speech type is now tagged, so that per-type decisions can be made
* Bentley Continental GT3: Added srcdata/runtime files
* Prevented Rewind/Fast-forward from being activated at the same time as the playback speed is being modified
* Prevent contamination of the 'customised' flag in the control set stored in the profile
* Not testing against a white-flag-slow-car when playing alone. Removed the obsolete options type choices for racing flags. Applying a DQ if a driver crosses into the final lap, and they haven't adhered to any stop-go penalty, drive-through penalty, or mandatory pit stop. Disabled all selection for multi-session rounds in the Free Practice menu
* Trophy videos: final render pass + final music mix
* Nurburgring GP: updated branding t-page
* Brands Hatch (All): Reduced AI to 29 to fix JIRA WMD-3805. Also tweaked pit lane entrances to help keep AI off the soft barriers
* Cali Horse Theif Mile - Fixed the AI going too fast into the 3 uphill corners. Added Pit speed slowdowns waypoint in each
* Sakitto: Colour changes, new textures for orient bridge
* Monterey: Add missing armco poles and update ground coll mesh
* California Horse Thief Mile: Main lighting pass completed , Short lighting WIP , updated CSM for the Short hairpins to smooth it for the AI (still not working properly with fast cars, passed to Chris F to check the AI) , added outer road edges , fixed a load of z-fighting on the Short edges , new CSM to mask out dirt roads from the autograss-valid materials , optimized a few high-poly assets eg silos , removed mega-high-poly lights replaced with working viewer static lights
* Road America: Fixed WMD reported issues & floating stuff
* Bathurst: Fix for breakmakes issues right of start grid, added lightmap for bridge, viewer spotlights added for marshallhuts, more individual skids added
* Set fuel level for player / AI in qualify sessions with no fueling allowed
* RWD P30 LMP: Fixed flag on livery21
* Updated various liveries for miscoloured action button logos
* Audi R8 LMP: Paint UV mapping
* Caper Monterey: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
* Mclaren P1: Setup and suspension changes for the new tyre
* Ginetta G55 GT4: Increased FFB strength. Went through the suspension and inertia. Some setup changes
* Radical SR8 and SR3: Changes per Pertolhd on WMD rrequesting better, more instant turn in. New setup, slightly stiffer tire carcass. Closed the gap up between front and rear tire stiffness. Changed shock knee's to 50/65 (this was a key). Move the aero slightly. Went through the suspension and inertia's. I think it works great now. Will bite on cold tires the first lap if you aren't carefull. Really comes in after that. The SR3 not so much without the power
* Ford Sierra RS500: Removed double caster, Minor steering geometry adjustment for better FFB, Calibrated ABS, Drivetrain efficiency
* Mercedes 190E Evo2 DTM: Removed double caster, Calibrated ABS, Drivetrain efficiency
* BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Calibrated ABS, Tuned engine cooling, Drivetrain efficiency, Reduced flywheel inertia, Removed double caster
* Renault Clio/Megane: fixed names
* Mercedes 190E Evo2: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup

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