Beyond Reality... Community Apps

Community Apps are another great example of our focus on innovation, our determination to break from tradition, and our continuing dedication to the Project CARS community.

Over a year ago, Slightly Mad Studios released an API giving the community the ability to plug directly in to Project CARS and pull out a variety of information. The intent here was to allow you the players the ability to create your own supporting apps for all the weird and wonderful devices and hardware you own.

Now, as Project CARS nears release, here are just a few of the fantastic creations you’ve made that further blur the lines between game and real-life, and prove once more that Project CARS is the most technically-advanced racing game on the planet…
pCARS Dash

Created by Pocket Playground, this second screen app allows you to display vehicle dashboard info, lap timings, or even telemetry data from your current Project CARS session directly onto an iOS or Android device. Give it to a friend and they can act as your pit engineer monitoring your race and giving you valuable info!

HUD Dash

Created by Sebastian Barz, this second screen app takes a widget-based approach allowing you to pick the info you want to see from Project CARS and create your very own layout of the data that’s most important to you!

Z1 Dashboard

Designed for dedicated LCD screen boxes by zBlueSoftware, the Z1 Dashboard has over 35 different dashboards based on their real-life counterparts, and a huge range of specific info from tire pressures to rev limits to brake temperatures, g-forces, and more!

sin:speed sim racing instruments

Created by SubSonicPulse, this neat app wirelessly connects with Project CARS to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a speedometer complete with a number of different style configurations.


Created by Sensadigit, DashMeterPro communicates with your Android device over WiFi or USB and turns it into a highly-customisable digital dashboard for Project CARS. Now used by some professional simulators, it includes fuel calculations, gear indicators, dynamic dials, tire info, logged telemetry and much more.

pCARS Profiler

If you want to take analysis of your telemetry even further in Project CARS, you need the Project CARS Profiler created by WMD member Tom Shane. Featuring per-car and per-location profiling or all aspects of your cars performance, this is one for the serious fans that want to take their sim racing to the next level.

pCARS Telemetry

Featuring a Session Manager, Session Info Display, Plotter, Track Map, Dashboard, and scripting support, this application by WMD community member Are Leistad is another great example of the depth and accuracy of the Project CARS racing experience and the insight and potential benefit you can gain from analysing your performance on the track.


Created by MikeyTT, vrHive features all manner of gauges for speed/revs, water/oil temperatures, lap and positional info, as well as lap timing tables and telemetry data logging. Perfect for analysing post-race to see areas to improve in Project CARS.


Created by WMD community members Pointy, Dusty & Ibby, this widget for Logitech LCD keyboards has lap and position information, speed, oil temperature and fuel levels, and direct audio from your Project CARS pit engineer!


If you’re the owner of one of the various shift light devices on the market nowadays, the SimSli software by Lars Bargmann can help you get it working with Project CARS.


Created by Villers Enterprises, SimVibe is multi-dimensional audio-based feedback software (for racing simulators and cockpits) that utilizes up to eight bass transducers to provide the correct physics-based vibrations to each corner of your simulator allowing you to feel every available detail of the road surface, engine and transmission.


Fanaleds is a free plugin for your sim racing hardware created by Gerben Bol and Dirk Teurlings. Info from Project CARS the game is passed to your wheel to display such things as the current speed and gear you're in, fuel levels, and lock rumble.

Now supports SLI devices.

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