Location Reveal... Spa, Sonoma, Brno, and Willow Springs will be in Project Cars choise of tracks

Already featuring scenic drives along the French riviera, epic mountain passes down the US west coast, exotic vistas from Australia and Dubai, and iconic motorsports tracks from across the UK, US, and Europe, Project CARS continues to build upon the largest location roster of any recent racing game with yet another set of freshly-announced destinations…

- Home to the Formula One Grand Prix, 24H endurance event, and many more, the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit has seen many layout changes since 1920 although the infamously flat-out Eau Rouge has largely remained untouched making it one of the fastest and most exciting tracks in motorsports today.

- Sonoma Raceway (formerly Infineon Raceway) is a hilly road course and drag strip located in California. Twinned with Watkins Glen International (also in Project CARS) as a host of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series it sees regular use by many other motorsports on both four wheels and two.

- Opened in 1987, the relatively-new Brno Circuit has been host to the World Sports Car Championship, A1 Grand Prix, and the Czechoslovakian Motocycle Grand Prix.

- With a blistering lap time of just 1 minute 6 seconds held by legendary racer Michael Andretti, the 9-turn Sonoma Raceway track is the oldest permanent road course in the United States with elevation changes and high average speeds making it a favourite amongst drivers.

And we still haven't finished!

We have one last batch of locations remaining to be revealed so check back soon to see the full track list!

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