We Did It!

I'm delighted to announce that Project CARS has now officially entered RTM (Release To Manufacture, or "Gold") status, with a street sale date of May the 7th/8th in Europe (TBC per country, but France is definitely the 7th and UK is the 8th) and May the 12th in the US.

Congratulations to everybody for this achievement, and a huge thank you for your help in making it happen. Three years or so ago when this project started SMS were in a very difficult position, and without going in to the ugly details, it's only the funding and support of WMD members that allowed the team to carry on, and Project CARS to get made.

Don't underestimate the magnitude of what we've achieved together either - the game has had a comparatively tiny budget compared to most multi-platform games these days, with a much (much!) smaller dev team than most people seem to think. Clearly the addition of the WMD membership has helped massively in making it happen. The results are there for all to see, the game is already being spoken of very highly, and I'm certain will offer a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. It's true to say we didn't quite achieve everything we wanted to, but considering the resources we've had, the end result is pretty amazing. And anyway, pCARS is very much a long term project/brand for us, so good that we have plenty to add and improve in future

Clearly the process hasn't always been a smooth one, and in the last few months especially SMS has faced massive hurdles in getting the game over the line, which has meant we've been much less involved at WMD than is ideal. In general too we've made mistakes along the way (natural in something so new, and which we can learn from) which has meant we haven't always made the most of what WMD offers, but there's no question it's been a success overall in terms of its effect on funding, game design and content, and QA.

So ... congratulations, and be very proud when you see our game on the shelves in early May

(And now, back to work - we still have the first patch to finish off, and DLC content to be worked on. Quite how some dev teams manage to take time off en masse when their game goes Gold is a mystery to me!)

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