Project Cars G25/G27 Settings give them a try

No problem posting my setup with the disclaimer that all PC/software configs are different, and controller feel is something quite subjective anyway. With that said:

I have a Logitech G27 with Fanatec Clubsport pedals, SST H-pattern shifter and DSD button box.

Logitech profile global settings: 107% effects strength, 0% spring, 0% damper, untick enable centering spring, untick report combined pedals, 900 degrees, tick allow game to adjust settings.


Preset: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel - Separate Pedals (I then map my pedals/shifter/button box using the F key for each axis/button I want to change from the G27 default)
Gearing: manual
Invert gearing: normal
Auto clutch: no
FFB strength: 30
All sensitivity settings: 50
All deadzone settings: 0
Speed sensitivity: 0
Steering lock: 360 (I vary this a little per car but this is a good default for me for 900 degree rotation)
Damper saturation: 0
Misc: pro mode, all aids off, speed sensitive FOV off, world movement 0, FOV around 60 in most views (40 inch TV), nothing changed in F1 dev menu.

by Andy Garton

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