Project Cars MOMO Settings game controller might work this values

Logitech Profiler:
Overall Effect Strength: 102%
Spring Effect Strength: 0%
Damper Effect Strength: 0%
Enable Centering Spring: Checked
Centering Spring Strength: 0%
Use Special Steering Wheel Settings: Checked
Report Combined Pedals: Unchecked
Use Special Game Settings: Checked
Allow Game To Adjust Settings: Checked

Logitech MOMO Racing Separate Pedals
Force Feedback: 75
Steering Deadzone: 0
Steering Sensitivity: 50
Throttle Deadzone: 0
Throttle Sensitivity: 50
Breake Deadzone: 0
Brake Sensitivity: 50
Clutch Deadzone: 0
Clutch Sensitivity: 50
Speed Sensitivity: 0
Steering Lock: 230 (After calibration)
Steering Damper Saturation: 0


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