WMD payments from Project Cars

"The first thing to say on that is that the game is doing well. You can help it do better of course by telling your friends, family, work colleagues… and random passers by on the street … but what that means is that we will be paying our contributors well for their contributions. In fact as recognition of all of the delays we are going to pay you some of your fees upfront, over and above those actually earned to date. 

The end result is that the payments which will be made on or around 28 August will be at a rate of 110% of the amounts originally contributed, i.e. that means you are making a 10% profit immediately, as we are paying you before we actually receive all of the funds from Bandai Namco. There will of course be further payments in later quarters. We fully expect the profits to be substantial for everyone as we’ll be paying them for years! "

Amazing news

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