Open & Fixed Series at Project Cars : Formula - Indycar - Stock - DTM - LMP - GT3 - V8 Supercars

2015 was full of blisteringly-fast drivers. However, in some cases, the one thing that prevented them from being able to compete at the very top level was their relative lack of tuning knowledge compared to others.

Whilst we still believe it's important for teams to have members under the hood as well as behind the wheel, we also want participants to have an avenue whereby they know that their win came down to pure driving skill as opposed to a feat of engineering.

The 2016 season will comprise of two separate Series therefore - an open Championship Series and a new Challenger Series that will run cars with fixed setups. We hope that this new Series will provide a proving ground where drivers can lay down some great lap times with the knowledge that everyone is on an equal playing field.

Watch out for more information on both of these Series coming soon.

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