Preseason Draft & Transfers in Project Cars for 2016

Project CARS eSports games are free for all to enter (and will remain as such). However, some teams are naturally larger than others which can give an unfair advantage when it comes to gaining valuable leaderboard points.

​As such, for the 2016 season we will be instituting a Preseason Draft wherein teams must register with us the (maximum) 5 members for each Series and Division that are going to participate via the official Draft Registration Form.
Teams and drivers can register for both the Championship and Challenger Series and compete in both if they wish. However, they may not compete in both PC and Console Divisions within the same Series. Teams wishing to compete in both Divisions must register different drivers in each.

The Preseason Draft is open until April 1st. After this time, only drivers that were registered with their team will have their points counted. Any drivers that participate that were not part of the registered team will be ignored.

Teams cannot change their team roster until the Transfer Window re-opens during the Mid-Season Split. When they do, the points from any team member being changed remain with the team they they are leaving. Ie.. if Team A were to swap in a player from Team B, the points that the Team B driver had earned so far during the season remain with their old team.

The concept of the Draft and Transfers..
Ensures teams remain balanced throughout the season
Ensures teams cannot 'buy their victory' through recruitment late in the season
Allows teams to manage their rosters better - dividing it by Series and Division
Formalises team participation in a manner common to most other eSports
Encourages strategy when building a team
Provides a stepping stone to full promotion/demotion possibilities in subsequent seasons

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