The Nvidia Challenger Series

Slightly Mad Studios are proud to announce that NVIDIA will be the sponsors of the 2016 Challenger Series.
The NVIDIA Challenger Series (NCS) is a worldwide, Esports league running within Project CARS consisting of two Divisions - PC and Console (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One combined).

​The league is comprised of a number of pre-registered teams each consisting of up to 5 members. Each driver and team participates in a sequence of ten rounds occurring throughout 2016 that coincide with real-world events. These ten rounds are divided into two Splits - Summer and Autumn with a Transfer Window being open between them whereby teams can adjust their roster.

The aim of each round is to set the fastest lap time with a vehicle running a fixed setup on the leaderboard before it expires. Following adjudication, Challenger Points are then awarded for finishing positions.

The winning drivers and teams are those that have accrued the most Challenger Points by the end of the Autumn Split.​

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