PCars VS Real Life


on this section you can watch some fantastic videos made by players showing the reality versus the simulator. In some cases you cant know the difference.
I'll say again that this game is still being developed so some bugs are still present.

Project Cars Vs Real Life - francorchamps karting Comparative

Project Cars Vs Real Life - Silverstone Bac Mono Comparative

Project Cars - Sauber C9 Mercedes Benz reality versus game footage Nurburgring GP

Project Cars - Comparison at Bathrust of Project Cars versus Reality

Project Cars - Comparation using the Dubai Circuit and the Radical car

Project Cars - Comparation video of Ruf and Porsche GT3 at Barcelona

Project Cars - Comparation video Ruf rgt 8 vs Porsche 991 @ Road America

Project Cars - Comparation to reality WTCC onboard around Suzuka Japan

 Project CARS Vs Real Life - Ariel Atom @ Brands Hatch

Project CARS vs Real Life - BMW @ Laguna Seca / What is Real?

Project CARS vs Real Life - Caterham 7 (Race) @ Donington Park by ADRIANF1esp

Project CARS vs Reality Nurburgring mid-lap SLS AMG GT3 Project cars Vs Real With Alonso @ Catalunya F1 Comparison Comparative - Project cars vs Real Life vs iRacing by DigiProst
Comparison Lap @ Dubai Autodrome bt ADRIANF1esp

[Renault Megane RS] Nürburgring by iTubeDevon

Project CARS Comparative Lap @ Suzuka Circuit [Full HD] by ADRIANF1esp
Project CARS vs Real Life - Comparative Circuit @ Bathurst Circuit [Full HD] by ADRIANF1esp

Project CARS vs Real Life - Audi R18 - Comparison Race @ Le Mans by C172fccc
Simraceway vs. NFS Shift 2 vs. Project C.A.R.S @ Laguna Seca Raceway

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